Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sayulita Scenes - The New Boulevard

Welcome to Sayulita!  This will be the welcome visitors receive until mid winter as the main road into town gets a facelift.  We will talk more about this project but this is what things look like as of today and for months to come.

Standing at the Esteva Clinic looking toward the Punta Mita Highway.  Sayulita Car Wash on right.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sayulita Scenes - Friday Night Tequila Tasting

An "unexpected" effect of living in Mexico for 5 years.  I really, really like good tequila!  Almost too much.  Drinking tequila with friends makes things even better.  As for Ashley...well, let's just say she will have some but she will throw it back it like she is reliving her college days.  Not her thing.

Always a good supply of tequila at Casa Ava.  A normal Friday night.
Fortunately, we have friends who feel the same as I do and they always have lots of quality brand and large quantities to sample or enjoy for an evening.  The best thing about being a tequila fan is the fact that we easy access to the source.  "Tequila" Mexico is just a few hours away.  This makes for great pricing, selection and quantities.

A while back, an amigo of mine, Gabbi, teamed up with some other locals to put out a really great mini documentary about the local tequila industry titled the "Tequila Traveler".  It is worth a look.  Here is episode 1.  When in Mexico, take time to try some really good tequila.  You may become an "unexpected" fan as well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Wall?

Love that a Mexican beer company would run this ad during the first Presidential debate a couple weeks ago.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

5 Years In The Jungle

In the blink of an eye we celebrate our 5th full year living in Sayulita.  On to the 6th.  During this time we've seen town change and faces come and go.  We've learned some hard lessons and but yet we've seen our ability to dig in, take on challenges and ultimately persevere in our adopted pueblo.  Lots of "Adventures" to come in this next year.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sayulita Scenes - Fire!

Even in a town full of concrete structures during our "rainy" season we can still get fires.  The original custom golf cart workshop in town went up in flames yesterday.  Not much detail just yet as to how it all started but the fire as able to be contained and spare surrounding homes for the most part.  The workshop was located right downtown just on the cobblestone side of the bridge.  The pueblo does not have "fire hydrants" or even provide pressure to the water system during some times of the day which makes fighting such a thing even more difficult.

Sayulita does actually have it's own fire truck but once it's onboard supply is exhausted water needs to come from some other supply source like a tanker truck in the photo below.  Getting close to the fire in some cases is challenging as well with the narrow or steep streets in town.  It sounds like the business is a complete loss.  Sad for the owner, Gaston, who I met back during our first visit here when he was working on his first carts in front of his house.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sayulita Scenes - Hula Hoop Group

Photo by Sophie.  Alex is front left.

All girls, all Spanish, all Hula Hoop.  We found out about this great group organized by a local mom and Alex jumped at the chance to join in.  Armed with her own hoop and her previous experience from Circus class, she absolutely loved getting together with these girls and doing one of her favorite activities.  What a great back yard too!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sayulita JR. SUP Team

We are so stoked about the kid's new interest this season.  The Sayulita JR. SUP Team.  The team basically is a stand up paddle board "learn to race program" for 6-17 year olds.  The program was started last year by local residents and professional paddle board racers, Shelby Dela Rosa Taylor and Bicho Jimenez.  For five years we have wanted and waited patiently for the kids to take an interest in more ocean related activities like surfing.  Trace had begun to make the transition recently asking to go surfing occasionally and really feeling more comfortable in ocean.  Alex had other interests and the ocean just wasn't one of them.  Three weeks ago they went to their first practice along with a friend and they all had a great time.  Part of the reason is that it is new and exciting but also because they are part of a new social community of kids that they have never met or had an opportunity to hang out with for the most part.  All of our school and after school activities are centered in San Pancho.  To be part of a great program here in "home town" Sayulita is fantastic for them and fun for us too.  "Our" Mexico just got bigger in just a few weeks.

This past weekend they had their first inter-squad race after only a few practices to learn technique and the kids poured all they had into the technical course which included laps around several buoys and sprints up onto the beach and back out again to complete more laps.  It was awesome to watch and every kid gave all they had to the race in the September humidity and heat.  Wow!  

Trace paddles toward the finish line

Alex, second from the left, runs to hit the water
The kids learned a lot from this event and I can't wait for the next one sometime this winter.  Sports were always so important to me growing up and my coaches helped shape who I am today.  As I have said before, the coaching the kids have been able to get here has been amazing and it continues with their new community and team.  Such a bonus to the "Adventure" they don't even realize they are having.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bachelor In Paradise - Season 3

So I get this message from Ashley in the States saying that she was watching one of her guilty pleasures, Bachelor In Paradise.  The cast stays here close to Sayulita and we have seen them film on the beach and they use the immediate area quite a bit for shooting.  Ashley tells me that during one of the couple dates they met up with someone we know from the next town over in San Pancho.  Her name is Ocatoli we have known her, her partner and some of her kids since her family had gone to Escuela del Mundo for a while.  Nice person and our daughters are friends.  Anyway, the clip Ashley saw was of Ocatoli hosting a "naked painting" session with the couple and she does it topless! The guy's reaction is absolutely fantastic!  So funny, especially when you know the naked host.  Enjoy it!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sayulita Scenes - The Iguana Tree

The town "Iguana Tree" is a favorite spot in town for spotting some rather large green "locals"... and for the unaware, possibly a place to get crapped on while walking under the tree while they hang out in the branches above.  Hint-never walk directly under the Iguana Tree.

Trace, Alex and some amigos take a closer look at the iguanas.

Friday, September 2, 2016

First Day of School 2016 - Escuela del Mundo

Back to school day at our school in the jungle, Escuela Del Mundo. It is going by so fast!  Yes, that's Easter Egg colored hair!